photo by Simon Koy

Pawel Streit, born in the canton of Schwyz, studied cultural studies at the University of Lucerne with a focus on history. He learned to research, as well as to write thoughtfully and precisely. During his education, he discovered photography in all its facets for himself. He built up a broad knowledge of the history and theory of photography and graduated with his distinctive Bachelor's thesis on the photo book "70s" by the Swiss photographer Emanuel Ammon.

In the following year he went to Munich and Berlin to carry out an internship with different photographers. During this time he broadened his skills and practical experience and gained a deeper insight into the business.


Back in Switzerland, he began working as a freelance photographer, doing various assignments for local newspapers and assisting other photographers.


In 2018, he began studying Camera Arts at the Lucerne School of Art and Design. For three years he worked on various individual and group projects, both in Switzerland and abroad. He thus acquired a broad practical knowledge in the fields of photography, video and transmedia storytelling. In his extensive final project "Tschüss Sepp!", Pawel dealt with being a foreigner in the context of the Swiss urban-rural divide and processed the experience in a self-produced book.