Palermo in a GIFshell.

During this project in Palermo I dealt with the question how people subconsciously build up their own picture of a city in their heads. I tried to kind of repeat this process in an own virtual way. Therefore, I spent days in schematically taking photos of various details. I choose around 25 topics - all of them details that you can find all over the city but which you normally don’t consciously recognise. For example: colorful plastic cups, lonely chairs, flags, shrines etc. All of them let you indirectly know a lot about the shown culture: where people live, how they live, how they behave etc. I collected over 700 photos.

Back home I converted all them into GIFs which show each topic with it’s own speed, endlessly. As a viewers of this site you find yourself in a situation in which you’re constantly overstrained: If you focus on one GIF you’ll miss what’s happening on the others. So you constantly change the focus and start to connect the things shown in your head. By this you kind of repeat the process of walking through a city: You constantly suppress all the things seen, but nonetheless your unconsciousness builds up the own unique idea of how a city looks like.